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Announcing Cangrade’s Women and Minority-Owned Business Program

Cangrade’s hiring and talent management technology is built on a foundation of fairness. We are proud to provide the only patented, unbiased method of predicting talent success. But hiring equity is just a piece of fostering diversity in business. 

As part of our focus on building equity and diversity, we are launching a discount on our hiring and talent management solutions for women and minority-owned businesses. We recognize the challenges these businesses face—from financing hurdles to biases in hiring—and are committed to empowering them with the tools, and talent, they need to succeed. Our Women and Minority-Owned Business Discount aims to level the playing field and drive business growth through effective and equitable hiring practices.

Driving Equity with Cangrade

Why This Discount Matters

Women and minority-owned businesses have historically encountered significant obstacles. According to research by Fundera, black women represent 35% of all black business owners. Furthermore, female entrepreneurs ask for $33,000 less in financing on average compared to men. On the whole, black entrepreneurs receive about $35,000 less in startup capital than white entrepreneurs. These disparities underscore the need for efforts to foster equality and opportunity as a business is being born, before hiring even begins.

By saving women and minority-owned businesses’ their capital and providing them access to our hiring and talent management solutions, we hope they will be able to fuel their success faster. In turn enjoying better business outcomes, inspiring a new generation of diverse business owners, employing a diverse workforce, and fostering a more diverse business ecosystem.

Discount Details

Businesses owned 51% or more by women and/or minorities are eligible for a 35% discount on Cangrade’s hiring and talent management solutions. This discount represents the above statistics showing the gap women and minority-owned businesses face.  It builds on our commitment to supporting diversity in entrepreneurship and creating pathways for success.

How to Access the Discount

Getting started is simple. If your business qualifies, reach out to our sales team or fill out the form on our website here. Mention the Women and Minority-Owned Business Discount during your discussions, and we’ll apply the 35% discount to your initial purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses qualify?

Cangrade customers that are 51% or greater owned by Women and/or Minority people or groups are eligible for the discount.

What discount is available?

Cangrade is offering a flat 35% discount to Women and Minority-owned businesses. 

What groups qualify?

Women, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders.

How can my business get this discount?

All of our sales team members can help you use this discount. Fill out the form above or notify a Sales team member during your discussions and we will apply this discount to your initial purchase price. 

Join us in driving diversity, equity, and opportunity in business with Cangrade’s Women and Minority-Owned Business Discount. Let’s empower your business to thrive.