Who does our AI think will be the best king or queen of Westeros and sit atop the Iron Throne?

Vying for the Iron Throne Using Artificial Intelligence

Millions of people tuned into HBO to learn who would get the most coveted job in Westeros sitting atop the Iron Throne, with many disappointed with the final decision.  This invites a challenge to all us fans: Can we do better?  Well, here at Cangrade we’ve built an AI with the sole purpose of matching people to jobs, so we […]

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What really drives employees’ happiness?

For those who who prefer pictures to words, check out the infographic below this post. In a culture dominated by money, we often forget that a job can provide many different kinds of benefits to people, from friendship to influence to intellectual stimulation.  Money is only one of many motivators, and some would argue it’s one that does a poorer […]

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Pinocchio 1940

Can your employees tell you the truth? A few gray areas

From the first, we tend to take an employee’s words at face value.  We assume an applicant’s resumé is roughly accurate, even though most sources estimate that at least a third contain falsehoods.  In an interview, some of us blindly believe what applicants say (even though this can’t be everybody’s dream job). Others ignore the details of what they’re saying, […]

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HR and the Unconscious Mind: Do we automatically judge a book by its cover (in poker and promotion)?

I watched an episode of The World Series of Poker recently.  Anyone who’s watched the show knows that the viewers and announcers get a secret glance at the cards each player is holding (and anyone who’s ever played poker knows this makes the game a whole lot easier).  But this time, for one hand a player’s cards remained hidden.  After […]

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Why Personality isn’t Simple: The Case of Extraversion and Sales Performance

Although using personality tests for hiring is common, using them well probably isn’t. When people see a candidate’s personality traits (or meet a candidate for an interview), we often choose a few traits we imagine to be important for the job and focus only on those.  On its face, this seems like a sensible approach: Only focus on what “matters.”  […]

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