The Keys to Effective Communication in the Workplace

Over the last few months I’ve written extensively about communication in the workplace and I figured that I would combine my recent posts into an article with major take-aways. I hope this will be useful. In a recent study of more than 1,400 employees surveyed by Salesforce 86% cited a lack of communication and collaboration as the primary reason for […]

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5 Unconscious Mistakes That Interviewers Make

In an earlier blog post Steve Lehr presented us with a question “How would you choose a quiz show partner?”   It might seem like a very straight forward question. Personally, I  would answer – intelligence, 100% intelligence. But, when it came down to it I might act very differently, with my unconscious almost sabotaging my decision making. In his blog post Steve […]

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The Show-Me State: The Art of Effective Communication Pt. 3

Did you know that according to the International Journal of Communication we consume – on average – 34 gigabytes (or 100,500 words) of information outside of work on an average day? Also did you know that according to researchers at the University of Southern California we receive 5x more information today as we did in 1986? Basically, it’s information overload […]

I Understand the Individual Words – but I don’t Understand What They Mean Together: The Art of Effective Communication Pt. 1.

“Through exploiting our synergies we will shift the paradigm…” That was the opening line of an email that I received recently from a CEO of an established CRM that wanted to work with Cangrade. I am generally all for penetrating verticals by leveraging synergies and exploiting best practices to create disruption and empower innovation – but even I have my […]

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