Implicit bias may be a fact of our human existence, but it doesn’t have to control your workplace. AI can help by providing objectivity.

Rooting Out Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Anti-Racism 101: Tools for Human Resources Professionals Have you ever made a comment like this when describing one of your colleagues, an interview candidate or someone you met at a meeting or in a conference? “He just didn’t feel like a good fit for the company.” “Something about her seemed a bit ‘off’.” “He’s very competent. I can tell by […]

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Failing to broach the subject of diversity at work sends a powerful and damaging message to a diverse employee base.

When Fostering Diversity at Work, Listening is the Key

Protests sweeping across the country and around the world have ignited urgent new conversations about race and racism. During these times, we have heard repeated requests from educators, activists, academics, artists, and ordinary people to listen to people of color – to make space for the voices of those traditionally marginalized, including in conversations about diversity at work. Deanna Van […]

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Bias in AI does exist. How can we avoid an algorithm presenting bias into the equation? Read more on Cangrade's stance on bias in AI.

Race, Responsibility & Hiring Algorithms: Our Stance on Bias in AI

Frankenstein’s monster or Dr. Frankenstein? Algorithms provide a cloak of objectivity – but that doesn’t make them infallible. Bias in AI does exist. Just like humans, algorithms may rely on stereotypes that reinforce discriminatory hiring practices. Why is this? Because that’s what they’re designed to do. The backbone of many of these potentially biased algorithms is something data-scientists call “satisficing,”. […]

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5 Great Ways to Diversify Your Hiring Pipeline

A diverse hiring pool leads to better teams and stronger bottom lines. Diversifying the workplace has been shown to increase creativity, productivity, and workplace satisfaction. However, even when executives try to hire diverse employees, they may fail simply because the candidates applying for their open positions are more of the same. This is what’s known as a hiring-pipeline problem, and […]

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Artificial Intelligence will Revolutionize Talent Management — Are you ready?

Where did Artificial Intelligence come from? As modern as it may seem, the term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) was coined by a group of researchers back in 1956. Its early iterations had nothing to do with killer robots or surrogate romantic partners. Instead, they used the term “Artificial Intelligence” as a catch-all phrase for recent advancements in computing theory that had […]

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