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Up to 10X More Reliable than Traditional Screening

Most screening methods are just slightly better than a coin toss.
A customized AI-driven Success Model instantly identifies which applicants will be top performers and make the most positive impact on your company’s KPIs.

Streamline the Applicant Experience

1 Applicants take a simple 15-minute assessment accessible on any device.

2 Upon completion, the applicant gets immediate and useful feedback they can use to make more informed career development choices.

Empower Recruiters with Instant Insights

1 Recruiters get a clear, instantaneous ranking of the top candidates based on their predictive likelihood to succeed.

2 Beyond the initial screening, a complete view of each candidate’s strongest competencies and development priorities can be accessed by recruiters and hiring managers to further inform the recruiting process.

Our Bias-Free Guarantee

Cangrade’s Bias-Free Guarantee means that your assessment will have no statistically significant adverse impact on any legally protected demographic group.

Going the extra mile to ensure equal opportunities for all, we are continually adding demographic identifiers to our big data sets to extend our bias-free guarantee to additional groups.

Plug it into Your Process

Cangrade assessments are easily integratable in most Talent Acquisition platforms available on the market.
...and many more