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Let Our AI Help You Run Better Interviews.
Recorded or Live. In-person or Remotely.

Data-Driven Guided Interviews. Fair. Efficient. Backed by Science.

How AI-assisted Video Interviews Work

1 Cangrade's guided interview questions are determined by the applicant’s assessment results and calculated by your company’s customized Success Model.

2 Recruiters can view the applicant's video responses embedded into the interview guide and can easily score and comment on each interview.

A Scalable, Legally Defensible and Objective Interview Process

Interviews are focused on top-qualified applicants based on accurate and bias-free assessment.
Questions are tailored to each candidate based on their assessment behavioral profile.
Candidates get an equal opportunity to demonstrate their potential according to consistent and bias-free criteria.
Interviewing team notes and applicant responses are captured along with assessment and interview scores for a complete view of each candidate’s job fit.