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Based on research from over 200,000 employees Cangrade is a breakthrough platform that automates hiring and predicts candidate performance by using personality assessment and other evaluations.

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We researched over 200,000 employees from over 500 companies and developed a breakthrough platform that automates hiring and predicts employee success.
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It's Automagical
A hiring platform that's easy-to-use, highly automated and simply does exactly what you need - right out of the box
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Before you read a single resume your candidates are instantly sorted by their fit to the job You have complete control over all aspects of managing, sharing, and monitoring the job Complete candidate profiles with detailed analyses of personality and job-related skills
The revolutionary Candidate Grade is validated to predict your candidate's success in the job You have access to advanced information about personality Advanced candidate actions enable everything from communication to pipeline management
Go Deep
See the fit between prospective employees, the job requirements, the existing team and the organization as a whole
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"Cangrade's analytical package stands proudly at the intersection of human resources, science and technology. It is the next generation of candidate screening."-Gunjan Aggarwal, SPHR, Head of Human Resources & Organization, Ericsson North America "The dashboard provides an easy way to organize and analyze candidates and their resumes." "What really stands out about Cangrade is their high level of expertise in testing. Additionally, the site is very easy to use and personalize for our needs."-Carolyn Rice, SPHR, Director of Global Talent Acquisition,ProQuest "Cangrade provides us a much better understanding of our candidates and greatly reduces the risk of an ineffective hire."-Justin Jackson, Managing Director, Research & Development at CareerBuilder "[Cangrade] takes the approach that many different types of personalities can be good at a particular job." Valued user since September 2012 Valued user since April 2012 "Clients can incorporate the test into their own website, or direct applicants to fill out applications on the Cangrade website." "Based on psychometric and statistical science developed by their team of researchers at Harvard University, Cangrade [provides] more predictive pre-employment indicators of future success." "Cangrade's sophisticated hiring mechanisms have greatly enhanced the quality of those we've hired, drastically improving our profit margins."-Gabriel S. Leibowitz, President, Skygroup Realty Valued user since April 2012 "[Cangrade] gives employers bias-free way to rate applicants." Valued user since September 2012 "Cangrade, [a] company doing great things right now." Valued user since December 2012 "Cangrade, analyzes new hire[s] and shows a score to predict their success at your job offering."
The Research
Our team of experts spent years researching millions of data points from over 200,000 employees, ran over 40 empirical studies and consulted with over 10,000 of our users - but that's just part of the story...
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The Value
Since Cangrade is built from the ground up to be efficient, easy-to-use and extremely accurate we provide a proven reduction in "Cost" and increase in "Benefit."
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The "WOW"
Cangrade isn't just a small improvement;
it redefines the way you hire.
The Candidate Grade
The one number that predicts success in the job.
The Skill Testing
A library of hundreds of tests for job-relevant skills.
Validated assessments that provide accurate and unbiased results.
It's Easy
Designed for doing - Simple, Clear and Actionable.
Not only does Cangrade automatically analyze and show you important information about your candidates - Personality, Skills, Motivation - all together in one place, but it also AUTOMATICALLY GRADES YOUR CANDIDATES for their performance in the job. It's extremely fast and easy to use, designed specifically for HR professionals and far more predictive than other candidate screening methods. Plus, Cangrade lets you DO something with all that information by providing powerful tools to organize, track and evaluate your candidates, collaborate with co-workers, assign evaluations, set-up intelligent hiring criteria and view it all on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Through an easy 15-minute test, the Cangrade evaluation enriches a job candidate's application with complex information about skills, personality and job fit, combined into ONE SIMPLE GRADE that is many times more predictive than common pre-employment screening techniques (such as college GPA and employment history).
Cangrade allows you to focus your "high-touch" efforts on your best candidates; we do the important and difficult early screening, so you know that the people that you're interviewing are the best of those that applied.
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