Bad Managers Don’t Want to Become Better Managers

Bad managers are bad news. Among other things, their behavior can reduce efficiency and productivity, lower morale, and increase turnover.   The problem often begins with how managers are hired or promoted Previous high performance in a relevant job role Tenure with a company or overall years of experience These might be great reasons to hire a candidate or reward […]

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2 Secrets that Résumés Reveal about Job Candidates

It’s no secret that candidates submit resumes with the intention of making themselves look attractive to potential employers. The desire to “put your best foot forward” (and desire to get the job) can lead applicants to describe themselves in the superlative, leave out important information, or exaggerate their previous accomplishments. Somewhere around 50% of resumes checked for accuracy contain at […]

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Should Companies Ban Facebook and Other Internet Time-Wasters?

The internet can be a distraction. 60% of companies report that they have needed to discipline employees because of their browsing habits, and more than 30% have actually had to fire people because of it. The majority of organizations surveyed consider employee internet use to be a serious issue. About 60% have policies restricting internet use, while the remaining 40% […]

This is Why We Do Cangrade

You might have heard about what Cangrade does: we help businesses hire the best people by uniquely combining predictive analytics with an easy to use candidate management system that automatically grades every candidate, delivers an accurate prediction of future job performance, and lowers hiring costs. This is WHAT we do. I want to take a step beyond that and tell you WHY […]

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Have You Been Tricked by the Line Crossing Illusion?

Imagine this situation: a manager asks an employee if they can come in to work on Saturday. The employee might take offense to the request. “Why did you ask me? Is it because of [fill in the blank]? You don’t think I have a life outside of work?” The manager might then take offense to a no. “You think you’re […]

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