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Talent Management

Workforce Engagement

Retain and strengthen your talent

Design a successful team with the power of AI

We measure 50 psychometric variables to provide you with the data you need for strategic Talent Management. Our Success Models and Pre-Hire Assessments are powered by AI technology that identifies your future loyal top performers. Then, our Workforce Development solution gives you the information you need to keep those top performers engaged.

Reduce attrition and rehiring

Our Pre-Hire Assessments make sure that you hire the right candidate for your role, maximizing the likelihood of high job satisfaction and retention.

To reduce attrition post-hire, our Retention Forecast feature measures your employee engagement levels. Our AI then uses this data to predict which candidates in your pipeline are most likely to stay engaged. So you reduce false starts and rehiring by finding the right fit the first time. 

Build an engaged workforce with data

Our Success Models predict the engagement of your candidates, pinpoint the motivations of your team, and provide coaching tips for the skills that most impact employee success.

This gives managers the insights they need to build rapport with their direct reports and kick-start their professional development. Plus our Retention Forecast feature predicts which candidates will be most engaged, so you hire top-performing candidates who will stay. 

“When I look at where we were a couple of years ago and the quality of talent I see around me today, it’s like night and day.”

Kurt Loring

CHRO at Applied Industrial Technologies

Growing employees are happy employees

Promote the right people

What makes an employee successful in one role may not make them successful in another.

Explore whether a current employee would thrive in a lateral or higher-level position by leveraging their existing Pre-Hire Assessment data in a new Success Model. Build on these results by assigning training in our Workforce Development portal.

Create a leadership pipeline

Pinpoint what makes your managers great based on objective data – not seniority or subjective bias.

Your Success Model outlines the soft skills that make your leaders strong and our assessment spots them in your candidates, to help you identify management potential early. Our Workforce Development portal then helps you assign the training they need to maximize their potential.

How does it work?

Start improving your workforce’s retention and engagement today.