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How To Create A Positive Hiring Experience For Your Internal Team

Even though standardized hiring processes are crucial for a company’s operations, it can be challenging to please everyone with the way they take place. The emphasis is usually, and rightfully, on creating a positive experience for the candidates. But what about the hiring team? Shouldn’t they also be considered as an important stakeholder in this process?

Studies show that approximately 74% of employers believe that they hired the wrong person for a position. So why is it that hiring teams shy away from speaking up about possible issues during the hiring process?

Internal hiring teams influence the future of the company with every candidate they hire. This is why a good hiring experience for your internal team impacts the effectiveness of your hiring process. Here’s how to create a positive hiring experience for your hiring team.

1.    Build Trust

Your hiring team works together to deliver a good hiring experience for candidates. To build a positive hiring experience for your hiring team, you have to ensure that your team members get along and trust one another’s opinions and judgments, as trust in a team is critical to its success.

One of the best ways to create trust in a team is by initiating transparent communication before the hiring process begins. Let everyone discuss their perspective on finding the best candidates, helping them feel like they have an important role in the process. Make sure you don’t overlook any member’s opinion.

Furthermore, since everyone has different schedules and likely won’t be available for all the interviews, let them discuss their routines openly to facilitate the process for everyone.

2.    Align on Job Posting Details

Before beginning the hiring process, it’s essential that you discuss all the details of the open roles with the hiring team to communicate all the requirements of the perfect candidate for the job. Set time aside with the recruiters to discuss important issues like the deal breakers in the hiring process, the top qualities of the candidate for a specific position, and hear their opinions and insights on everything.

Since the hiring team is directly in contact with candidates, they must communicate clearly and be aligned on the details of the position. This makes the hiring experience smoother for them and decreases the chances of any confusion that may spring up during the interview.

3.    Listen

Your internal team that is trusted with hiring the company’s future employees has the expertise to do so. You need to trust their talent acquisition skills and their judgment. Instead of setting unrealistic goals for the hiring process, listen to what they have to say about it, for instance, the time it can take to fill a particular job opening.

According to a Happeo study, if staff feels heard by their manager, they are likely to have five times higher enthusiasm for their job. Naturally, the more encouraged they feel, the more effort they will put into the recruitment process.

Hear out their specific interview techniques, how to appeal to the candidates by selling their brand, and how they can offer certain benefits to reel them in and make them seriously consider the position at your company.


A smooth hiring experience is essential for candidates and your hiring team since they decide who becomes a part of the company. As an HR professional, ensure your internal team gets enough freedom, guidance, and trust to create a positive hiring experience for them.

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