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Integrated within existing hiring work-flows
Applicants complete a Cangrade assessment as part of your existing ATS platform and process. The assessment results are then instantly displayed in your ATS.
Big data driven job-personality fit analytics
Find the best success models for your positions based on Big Data matched to specific job roles. Read More
Benchmarking based job-personality fit analytics
We conduct a benchmark analysis of your workforce and create success models based on the data from your organization. Read More
Per job assessment model customization
Use assessment customization tools to specify job-related attributes that should be factored into candidate selection for your unique job roles. Read More
Job placement optimization
Make better decisions around best candidate placement as well lateral movements and promotions. Read More
Job Engagement Tracking
Keep a finger on the pulse of your workforce by regularly administering a quick 5-minute survey to your employees, and receive engagement reports with actionable recommendations. Read More
Library of skill tests
You can add skill testing to further evaluate candidates. We offer hundreds of job-relevant skill assessments for a variety of roles and industries. Read More
Custom tests and questionnaire tools
Need a skill test or questionnaire that isn't in our library?
No problem! You can add your own assessments and questionnaires with our easy-to-use test creation tools.
Kurt Loring
Chief Human Resources Officer
Applied Industrial Technologies
"Our first year of Cangrade deployment led to increases in revenue of at least $12.9 million."
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