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Recruitment and Workforce Optimization

Placement Through Multiple Success Models

Once your current employees have completed the Benchmark Assessment, you will have an understanding of your employee’s success drivers; Cangrade then can provide the tools to turn this knowledge into action. We provide a suite of products to help your company make better decisions around best candidate placement as well lateral movements and promotions.

Cangrade's Benchmark based success models power workforce optimization solutions

Candidate Compatibility Report

Customized Compatibility Reports can be generated to help identify the best new positions or teams for each individual, whether for a new candidate, lateral moves or promotions.

Cangrade's Compatibility Report uses same pre-employment assessment to recommend best fit job

Workforce Mobility Report

Cangrade provides workforce mobility tools to assist with internal hiring processes. When a role we have benchmarked opens up, you can quickly view all employees to see who would be a good fit for this role, and can optionally hone in more closely on those for whom the role would yield the most value (i.e. those who are not a strong fit in their current role but would be a great fit in the new one), and those who are geographically close to the location of the new role.

Mobility Report identifies best opportunities for lateral movements and promotions

Applicant Fit Report

Applicant Fit Report tool helps you to sift through an existing candidate pool (i.e. people who applied previously but were not offered a position at the time) and find who would be a good fit for a role that you are looking to fill.

Cangrade's Applicant Report identifies best opportunities for applicants in existing candidate pools

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