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Cangrade’s Greenhouse Integration

Optimize your talent decisions with Cangrade’s Greenhouse integration. 

Streamline your talent management processes pre- to post-hire and hire your perfect candidates by integrating the talent data you need with Cangrade’s Greenhouse integration.

Cangrade’s AI-powered Pre-Hire Assessment accurately predicts job success and retention while ensuring a bias-free candidate selection and a stand-out candidate experience.

Simplify your hiring processes and offer a smooth and positive experience for your team and candidates with Cangrade’s Greenhouse integration.

Benefits of Cangrade’s Greenhouse Integration

Cangrade's pre-hire assessment assesses candidates in less than 14 minutes. Learn about our Greenhouse integration.

Cangrade’s Greenhouse Integration Features

See candidate's fit for alternate roles with Cangrade's assessment integrated with Greenhouse.
Test candidates' hard skills with Cangrade's Greenhouse integration skills assessments

Boost your hiring with Cangrade’s Greenhouse integration. Book a demo today.