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AI Success Modeling

Our AI engine analyzes your current employee data to determine what drives success in your organization.
This process generates what we call your "Success Model" – a powerful and unique algorithm built to predict how likely one is to succeed in a given job – which now automatically powers Cangrade's pre-hire Assessments and other cloud-software based Talent Management Tools.


In empirical studies, Cangrade's assessment results powerfully predict key outcomes such as an employee's on-the-job performance, significantly outperforming more common selection methods. This means that with Cangrade, you are up to 4x more likely to make an exceptional hire.
How different screening methods predict employee success.


Cangrade was founded to make hiring more equitable. In our development stage, we rigorously developed and tested items to ensure that our inventories will not put any legally protected group at a disadvantage. But it doesn’t stop there. Our AI specifically learns to score each assessment in a way that does not create adverse impact, and we use big data to validate that each model we create for our clients is free from potential adverse impact. With these two layers of protection, each model produced comes with a bias-free guarantee that your company can rely on.

But Wait, There's More!

Cangrade’s scientists spent years developing inventories and methods that reliably predict workplace success across industries and roles. We conducted over 30 empirical studies and used assessment data from over half a million employees and job seekers, to ensure that Cangrade’s AI is the most powerful on the market.
Cangrade's AI evolves alongside your company. Our system pulls success data from every step of your Talent Management Lifecycle to keep refining its predictions over time. This means you will have up-to-date and accurate algorithms to assist you with all your critical talent decisions – whether it's hiring, team assignment, employee development or promotion.
Many of our competitors miss the forest for the trees. Employees aren’t just one skill or one personality trait – they’re a constellation of different likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, all of which are interconnected. Technical skills are important, but it is the interaction of an employee’s personality traits and soft skills that power your superstar performers. Cangrade looks at this whole messy big picture, using complex machine learning to model the employee as a whole person, not a checklist.
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