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Improve Your Hiring Process with Cangrade’s Candidate Flow Report

Need to improve your hiring process and gain a hiring edge? 

Cangrade’s Candidate Flow Report gives you data and insights you can’t get elsewhere. Leverage insights into your hiring process to improve:

  • Time to hire
  • Assessment completion rates
  • Talent sourcing
Improve your hiring process by leveraging data you cannot get elsewhere from Cangrade's Candidate Flow Report

Decrease your time to hire

Are most of your applicants stuck at an incomplete assessment? With insights into where your talent pool is in the hiring process, you can find where your candidates are getting hung up so you can make improvements.

Increase assessment completion rates

Discover if your talent pool completes your application process faster on desktop or mobile, and what day of the week you get the most completions. Then improve your hiring process accordingly to gain efficiencies and maximize your number of applicants.

Optimize your talent sourcing

If most of your applications are completed on Saturdays, then recruiters reaching out on Monday might not be as effective as later in the week. Leverage data on your most popular dates for application completions to inform when you reach out to prospective candidates.

Discover how you can use Cangrade’s data and Candidate Flow Report to improve your hiring process and increase your hiring efficiency today.