Why Personality isn’t Simple: The Case of Extraversion and Sales Performance

Although using personality tests for hiring is common, using them well probably isn’t. When people see a candidate’s personality traits (or meet a candidate for an interview), we often choose a few traits we imagine to be important for the job and focus only on those.  On its face, this seems like a sensible approach: Only focus on what “matters.”  […]

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The Mismeasure of Candidates

In 1981 Harvard biologist Stephen Jay Gould published a ground-breaking book on the history of scientific inquiry into human potential. Dr. Gould identified many pitfalls (some intentional and some not) that had long prevented biologists, psychologists, philosophers, historians, and many others, from reaching a solid understanding of human nature. Providing readers with a basic understanding of scientific methods, and the many factors […]

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Do Unconscious Biases Make You Choose the Wrong People?

If you were choosing a partner to compete alongside you in a quiz show, upon what would you base your decision?  Intelligence?  Quiz show experience?  What about how fat or thin his or her face is? Most of us understand that we can be unconsciously biased.  Even Jesse Jackson, the famous African-American politician and activist, admits to being relieved when […]

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