Why Diversity Messaging Matters

Diversity can be a very valuable thing. Organizations with more diverse employees tend to be more successful. They hold greater market share. They have more customers, more sales, and higher profits.   Executives realize this. 95% believe that a more diverse workforce will make their company more innovative 84% say that problems with diversity lead to employee turnover 72% are […]

Race, Responsibility & Hiring Algorithms

Frankenstein’s monster or Dr. Frankenstein? Algorithms provide a cloak of objectivity – but that doesn’t make them infallible. Just like humans, algorithms may rely on stereotypes that reinforce discriminatory hiring practices. Why is this? Because that’s what they’re designed to do. The backbone of many of these potentially discriminatory algorithms is something data-scientists call “satisficing,”. Satisficing is a decision-making strategy […]

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Finding Your Purple Squirrel: Put Soft Skills Assessments to Work

If you’re a talent acquisition professional, you know finding candidates isn’t the tough part.  What’s the tough part? Finding the right candidate.  Job descriptions usually come with a laundry list of skills-related qualifications attached.  Why is this an issue? Well, it’s recruiters and HR managers then that face the so-called “purple squirrel” problem. The term “purple squirrel” is a recruiting […]

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Unconscious Bias in Recruitment – Where Interviews Go Wrong

Why aren’t more women in the boardrooms of major corporations? Why don’t more African-Americans work in the burgeoning tech industries? When asked, companies often claim a lack of qualified candidates. However, many of these companies might consider the lesson that orchestras across the nation learned in decades past.  Prior to the 1970s, 95% of orchestra members were white men. Orchestras […]

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5 Great Ways to Diversify Your Hiring Pipeline

A diverse hiring pool leads to better teams and stronger bottom lines. Diversifying the workplace has been shown to increase creativity, productivity, and workplace satisfaction. However, even when executives try to hire diverse employees, they may fail simply because the candidates applying for their open positions are more of the same. This is what’s known as a hiring-pipeline problem, and […]

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