Navigating the ‘new normal’ of remote work means understanding your workforce in a new way.

3 Personality Traits for Employee Success in the ‘New Normal’ of Remote Work

For five years, Dellea and Angela have shared everything: an office, an administrative assistant, and a key function. Both women work in the Accounting division and, while both do good work and make valuable contributions, Angela always has a slight edge. She’s just a bit faster, a little more precise than Dellea. Since transitioning to remote work, however, the tables […]

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You've pivoted to virtual job fairs and video interviews to ensure access to a steady pipeline of talent. The next step? Virtual onboarding.

So Nice to E-Meet You: Tips for Virtual Onboarding

Your organization pivoted to virtual job fairs and video interviews to ensure access to a steady pipeline of talent. The next step in hiring post-COVID-19? Virtual onboarding.  Whether you’re hiring extensively to meet urgent supply chain and logistics needs, seeking out technical talent to support a shift to e-commerce or looking forward to an influx of ‘new hires’ as the […]

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An HR leader is called now to help meet the new challenges of these pandemic times.

Navigating the HR Leader “Ship” in the COVID-19 Era

We are all in uncharted territory. Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about the new imperative for any HR leader. I shared my thinking on how an HR leader is expected to help their company achieve its business goals and KPIs. Facing a global pandemic sheds a different light on these words. Business-as-usual goals and KPIs are put on […]

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Unconscious bias can lead us to sabotage a person’s interview, in a phenomenon psychologists call “the self-fulfilling prophecy”.

How to Mitigate Unconscious Bias in Recruitment – Where Interviews Go Wrong

Why aren’t more women in the boardrooms of major corporations? Why don’t more African-Americans work in the burgeoning tech industries? When asked, companies often claim a lack of qualified candidates. However, many of these companies might consider the lesson that orchestras across the nation learned in decades past – unconscious bias may play a role.  Prior to the 1970s, 95% […]

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Make sure your employees trust that they won’t be penalized for using their vacation time.

Why Employee Vacation Time is Good for Business

Employees list time off as second only to health care as a desirable employment benefit. The research on the benefits of paid time off couldn’t be clearer. Employee vacation time is associated with better mood, higher life satisfaction and better health. It has been estimated that workplace-related stress is responsible for $190 billion dollars in health care spending, and contributes […]

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