The Surprising Effect of Sleep Quality on Job Satisfaction

Getting a good night’s sleep is important. Sometimes when we experience stress at work, we also take it home with us. This can result in sleep disturbances. This is one of the most noticeable things about stress and sleep. After all, we have plenty of time to think about it—when we might otherwise be sleeping. Getting a ZQuiet mouthpiece, can help […]

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3 Must-Know Facts about Employee Happiness

Most of us would agree that employee happiness is a good thing. Happy employees often show more favorable outcomes on measures such as job performance, organizational citizenship behaviors, absenteeism, turnover, and healthcare costs. Organizations with happy employees can also enjoy the benefits of a positive reputation, including greater publicity, customer loyalty, and ability to attract and compete for talent. Happiness, […]

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New Data Tells Surprising Truth about Millennials

Most employers say that competing for talent is one of their greatest challenges. Employers that want to remain competitive will need to meet the requirements of rapidly shifting demographics in the workforce.   In this post, we crunch the numbers from a recent large-scale study including more than 800 working-age adults in the US. Unlike most other research, we surveyed a diverse age range, […]

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Thanks? When and Why Employee Recognition Works

How can you keep employees happy and motivated? Provide recognition for exceptional performance Make the work meaningful Pay a bonus for a job well done   We’re done here, right?   Wait a minute…let’s talk about how these things actually work. In this post, we will discuss the basic concepts behind employee recognition, along with some insights from research testing […]

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Should Companies Ban Facebook and Other Internet Time-Wasters?

The internet can be a distraction. 60% of companies report that they have needed to discipline employees because of their browsing habits, and more than 30% have actually had to fire people because of it. The majority of organizations surveyed consider employee internet use to be a serious issue. About 60% have policies restricting internet use, while the remaining 40% […]