High employee turnover is associated with decreased customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

2 Surefire Ways to Decrease Employee Turnover

When new hires don’t hang around long enough to justify the time, resources, and money put into hiring and onboarding them, it’s both frustrating and expensive for the company they leave. To make matters even worse, having a high level of employee turnover company-wide is associated with decreased customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.  How can you decrease employee turnover rates? Keep […]

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Put employee professional development first in your organization, and unlock the potential capabilities of your workforce.

Employee Professional Development: How To Do It Right

Every company wants to bring out the best in their employees by offering professional development opportunities. Not only does this help with employee retention, it also helps the bottom line. But what’s the best way to do this? Feedback? Mentoring? Tuition credits? Management trends come and go, but the idea of training your employees to diversify their skills and improve […]

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When measuring employee performance, hearing someone is doing “fine” just doesn’t cut it.

How to Measure Employee Performance and Success

Measurements of employee performance and success are critical data points that fuel hiring, retention, and promotion decisions. (At Cangrade, these data are the basis for all of the sophisticated AI that goes into building our customized Success Models.) So, when it comes to measuring employee performance, hearing that someone is doing “fine” just doesn’t cut it. However, getting a better […]

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Researchers found that "grit" is basically just a rebrand of an already well-known personality trait.

What is Grit? The Science Behind the Buzz

For the past decade, Angela Duckworth has championed “Grit”. Grit is defined as passionate persistence, and is seen as a critical driver of cross-domain success, including in the workplace. When researchers started to dig into what made “grit” so powerful, though, they found that it is basically just a rebrand of an already well-known product – conscientiousness. Why is grit […]

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Who does our AI think will be the best king or queen of Westeros and sit atop the Iron Throne?

Vying for the Iron Throne Using Artificial Intelligence

Millions of people tuned into HBO to learn who would get the most coveted job in Westeros sitting atop the Iron Throne, with many disappointed with the final decision.  This invites a challenge to all us fans: Can we do better?  Well, here at Cangrade we’ve built an AI with the sole purpose of matching people to jobs, so we […]

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