The Peter Principle: How to avoid promoting to incompetence

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of the ‘Peter Principle’

The manager who leaves you shaking your head after every call, wondering how ‘they’ ever gave ‘that guy’ so much responsibility. The colleague who seemed like a do-it-all superstar right up until her last promotion, but now can’t organize her own inbox. The team leader who calls endless meetings, but always seems more than a little confused about the big […]

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How to Learn from Underperforming Employees

Underperforming employees can require a lot of resources and unpleasant conversations. One study estimates that low performing employees make up between five and ten percent of your workforce. However, they consume at least 26% of their managers’ time. But it’s not all negative. Whether they’re diamonds in the rough or cautionary tales, we have a lot to learn from underperforming […]

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AI in HR: A Perfect Match?

Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR

Selecting your next binge-worthy Netflix drama. Tagging your mom in that Facebook-worthy family portrait. Optimizing your route to work to avoid traffic. Brushing your teeth. What do all these activities have in common? Artificial intelligence (AI). (Yes, even dental hygiene!) Surprised? Were you thinking of chess-playing computers and robot dogs? Or maybe a manipulative supercomputer? Real-life AI may not be […]

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Bias in AI does exist. How can we avoid an algorithm presenting bias into the equation? Read more on Cangrade's stance on bias in AI.

Race, Responsibility & Hiring Algorithms: Our Stance on Bias in AI

Frankenstein’s monster or Dr. Frankenstein? Algorithms provide a cloak of objectivity – but that doesn’t make them infallible. Bias in AI does exist. Just like humans, algorithms may rely on stereotypes that reinforce discriminatory hiring practices. Why is this? Because that’s what they’re designed to do. The backbone of many of these potentially biased algorithms is something data-scientists call “satisficing,”. […]

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Cangrade’s Pre-Employment Assessments remove the reliance on resume screening.

It’s the End of Resume Screening as We Know It — And That’s Just Fine

When will the governor lift the shelter in place order? Should employees wear masks and gloves in the office? Does my business qualify for a stimulus payment? Is teleworking and the remote office our new normal? During what has become known as ‘this time of great uncertainty’, companies can count on one thing as the country inches towards re-opening: they’re […]

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