Research has found no link between the MBTI and workplace performance or job fit. Learn why to ditch it in your talent management strategy.

4 Reasons to Ditch the MBTI in Talent Management

There are many aspects of human behavior that puzzle psychologists. One such aspect is how the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) remains so widely used in the talent management space. Decades of psychological research show that it is a poorly designed instrument that shows no particular ability to identify the right candidate for any job.  The History of the MBTI The […]

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Make sure your employees trust that they won’t be penalized for using their vacation time.

Why Employee Vacation Time is Good for Business

Employees list time off as second only to health care as a desirable employment benefit. The research on the benefits of paid time off couldn’t be clearer. Employee vacation time is associated with better mood, higher life satisfaction and better health. It has been estimated that workplace-related stress is responsible for $190 billion dollars in health care spending, and contributes […]

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We share the five most notable "sales-y" traits, and some of the reasons why they don’t always point to a slam dunk when hiring for sales.

Five Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring for Sales Talent

Ask a veteran sales executive how to find a successful candidate when hiring for sales, and they’ll often say: “you know one when you see them.” However, when it comes to what personality traits predict a successful sales hire, the reality is a bit more complicated.  We crunched the numbers on REAL client data, and as it turns out, some […]

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Fostering workplace friendships is truly a test of the critical soft skills of management.

Workplace Friendships are Good for Business

It doesn’t sound groundbreaking to say we humans are happier when we have friends. But it’s more than just happiness. Research finds that people with more friends also live longer. This doesn’t stop at the office door: workplace friendships create a company culture that keeps employees happy. Why?  Humans have a “need to belong”, which is comparable to our needs […]

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