Shaping the social environment can build a more inclusive workplace

3 Considerations for Building an Inclusive Workplace

Psychology research finds that deeply rooted attitudes and beliefs are some of the most immune to change. And that diversity training has a history of failing to make a difference in the creation of a truly inclusive workplace. So before starting that next presentation that is supposed to radically change your employees’ belief structure, perhaps it’s time to consider that […]

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Build a Diversity and Inclusion strategy for your organization with these 4 tips

4 Tips for Building a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

It’s no secret that diversity and inclusion are serious business. A recent survey found that 69% of executives list diversity and inclusion as an important issue for their companies and that over 86% of candidates rate diversity as a key concern when choosing an employer. So why are so many organizations struggling to make an exceptional change? Plans and Strategies […]

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Video interviews save time and reduce bias

Save Time and Lose Bias with One-Way Video Interviews

As organizations continue to adapt to the ‘new normal’, recruitment has become a rapidly evolving business function. Without the time-tested tools of in-person interviews, smart organizations are turning to ‘one-way’ or ‘asynchronous’ video interviews. Not only do one-way video interviews reduce the cost and effort associated with recruitment, but they also help to remove implicit bias from the talent identification […]

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Everyone Wins in a Diverse Workplace

Everyone Wins in a Diverse Workforce

Diversity initiatives are not just a politically correct box to check – they are a powerful tool for organizational success. Having a diverse workforce of employees from different backgrounds with different experiences helps your team solve problems more creatively and make stronger decisions. Diversity, whether in terms of demographics or encompassing other unique experiences that inform one’s work, is a […]

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Implicit bias may be a fact of our human existence, but it doesn’t have to control your workplace. AI can help by providing objectivity.

Rooting Out Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Anti-Racism 101: Tools for Human Resources Professionals Have you ever made a comment like this when describing one of your colleagues, an interview candidate or someone you met at a meeting or in a conference? “He just didn’t feel like a good fit for the company.” “Something about her seemed a bit ‘off’.” “He’s very competent. I can tell by […]

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