Fostering workplace friendships is truly a test of the critical soft skills of management.

Workplace Friendships are Good for Business

It doesn’t sound groundbreaking to say we humans are happier when we have friends. But it’s more than just happiness. Research finds that people with more friends also live longer. This doesn’t stop at the office door: workplace friendships create a company culture that keeps employees happy. Why?  Humans have a “need to belong”, which is comparable to our needs […]

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High employee turnover is associated with decreased customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

2 Surefire Ways to Decrease Employee Turnover

When new hires don’t hang around long enough to justify the time, resources, and money put into hiring and onboarding them, it’s both frustrating and expensive for the company they leave. To make matters even worse, having a high level of employee turnover company-wide is associated with decreased customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.  How can you decrease employee turnover rates? Keep […]

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Learn more about how to avoid defensiveness and give effective feedback, even when that feedback is negative.

How to Deliver Effective Feedback with Self-Affirmation

Ever heard the expression “don’t shoot the messenger”? It exists for a reason. Research has shown that no one likes the bearer of bad news. But, like it or not, managers do sometimes have to deliver effective feedback to their subordinates even when it’s negative. So, how can managers give effective feedback without the blowback? The Psychology of Self-Affirmation can […]

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Researchers found that "grit" is basically just a rebrand of an already well-known personality trait.

What is Grit? The Science Behind the Buzz

For the past decade, Angela Duckworth has championed “Grit”. Grit is defined as passionate persistence, and is seen as a critical driver of cross-domain success, including in the workplace. When researchers started to dig into what made “grit” so powerful, though, they found that it is basically just a rebrand of an already well-known product – conscientiousness. Why is grit […]

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Check the pulse of your team with Cangrade's Job Engagement Tracker to see if they’re ready for some friendly competition in the workplace.

The Collateral Damage of Competition in the Workplace

One of the very first Social Psychology studies, conducted over a hundred years ago, pitted children against each another in a contest, and found they outperformed their own solo efforts. Why? It’s in our brain chemistry. Competition (in the schoolyard or competition in the workplace) causes a stress response that activates energizing hormones (such as adrenalin). Success brings the activation […]

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