Who does our AI think will be the best king or queen of Westeros and sit atop the Iron Throne?

Vying for the Iron Throne Using Artificial Intelligence

Millions of people tuned into HBO to learn who would get the most coveted job in Westeros sitting atop the Iron Throne, with many disappointed with the final decision.  This invites a challenge to all us fans: Can we do better?  Well, here at Cangrade we’ve built an AI with the sole purpose of matching people to jobs, so we […]

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Scene from the Westeros Human Resources Department

“Thanks for coming everyone. We’ve had some more . . . unexpected turnover in senior management, and need to consider some new candidates to sit the Iron Throne. You know what we say around here, chaos is a ladder.” Our first candidate is Cersai Lannister. She has been filling the role on an interim basis, and is very keen to […]

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Check the pulse of your team with Cangrade's Job Engagement Tracker to see if they’re ready for some friendly competition in the workplace.

The Collateral Damage of Competition in the Workplace

One of the very first Social Psychology studies, conducted over a hundred years ago, pitted children against each another in a contest, and found they outperformed their own solo efforts. Why? It’s in our brain chemistry. Competition (in the schoolyard or competition in the workplace) causes a stress response that activates energizing hormones (such as adrenalin). Success brings the activation […]

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There are many factors that can contribute to a toxic workplace.

How to Combat Toxic Workplace Culture

The signs are all there: Lack of positive reinforcement. Bad blood with managers. A general cloud of unhappiness descends over the workplace. The diagnosis? Toxic workplace culture. How do workplaces end up here? There are many factors that can create a toxic culture in the workplace, including: Lack of clear expectations and incentives No sense of community Demands that exceed […]

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Are Work Meetings Really Worth It?

Work meetings can be a controversial subject. Some people think that meetings are essential. Some people see meetings as a big waste of time. But then again, everyone can agree that communication is important. And of course, we can all agree that it’s possible to spend too much time in meetings. What does the research show? Researchers recently analyzed the […]

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