Why You Should Use Structured Interviews to Eliminate Bias in Hiring

Why You Should Use Structured Interviews to Eliminate Hiring Bias

Many hiring managers prefer to use conversational interviews to evaluate potential new employees. Why? Without a structured interview’s rigid script, you can be yourself and encourage applicants to let their guard down. Perhaps even get to know them before making a decision. Fans of unstructured interviews point out that applicants tend to feel more at ease without the pressure of […]

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Everyone Wins in a Diverse Workplace

Everyone Wins in a Diverse Workforce

Diversity initiatives are not just a politically correct box to check – they are a powerful tool for organizational success. Having a diverse workforce of employees from different backgrounds with different experiences helps your team solve problems more creatively and make stronger decisions. Diversity, whether in terms of demographics or encompassing other unique experiences that inform one’s work, is a […]

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Implicit bias may be a fact of our human existence, but it doesn’t have to control your workplace. AI can help by providing objectivity.

Rooting Out Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Anti-Racism 101: Tools for Human Resources Professionals Have you ever made a comment like this when describing one of your colleagues, an interview candidate or someone you met at a meeting or in a conference? “He just didn’t feel like a good fit for the company.” “Something about her seemed a bit ‘off’.” “He’s very competent. I can tell by […]

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Failing to broach the subject of diversity at work sends a powerful and damaging message to a diverse employee base.

When Fostering Diversity at Work, Listening is the Key

Protests sweeping across the country and around the world have ignited urgent new conversations about race and racism. During these times, we have heard repeated requests from educators, activists, academics, artists, and ordinary people to listen to people of color – to make space for the voices of those traditionally marginalized, including in conversations about diversity at work. Deanna Van […]

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AI in HR: A Perfect Match?

Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR

Selecting your next binge-worthy Netflix drama. Tagging your mom in that Facebook-worthy family portrait. Optimizing your route to work to avoid traffic. Brushing your teeth. What do all these activities have in common? Artificial intelligence (AI). (Yes, even dental hygiene!) Surprised? Were you thinking of chess-playing computers and robot dogs? Or maybe a manipulative supercomputer? Real-life AI may not be […]

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