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The Collateral Damage of Competition in the Workplace

One of the very first Social Psychology studies, conducted over a hundred years ago, pitted children against each another in a contest, and found they outperformed their own solo efforts. Why? It’s in our brain chemistry. Competition (in the schoolyard or competition in the workplace) causes a stress response that activates energizing hormones (such as adrenalin). Success brings the activation […]

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There are many factors that can contribute to a toxic workplace.

How to Combat Toxic Workplace Culture

The signs are all there: Lack of positive reinforcement. Bad blood with managers. A general cloud of unhappiness descends over the workplace. The diagnosis? Toxic workplace culture. How do workplaces end up here? There are many factors that can create a toxic culture in the workplace, including: Lack of clear expectations and incentives No sense of community Demands that exceed […]

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Neuroticism: A Counterintuitive Edge

How does the ideal employee respond to problems? Most hiring managers would tell you: with a steady hand and a level head. In a culture that values confidence, hiring managers may see social anxiety and self-doubt as a recipe for disaster. But they might be wrong. A growing body of research suggests that, in many situations, a neurotic employee is […]

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Do You Believe in Destiny? Here’s How It Affects Your Career

Do you believe in destiny? Some people believe that the outcomes in their life were “meant to be.” Some people believe in “free will.” And quite a few people are somewhere in between—maybe some things are up to you, while other things were somehow predetermined.   Did you know that these beliefs can predict what happens in a person’s career? […]

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The 3 Gifts People Really Want

The holiday season is here. For many of us, it’s time to start thinking about finding gifts for the important people in our lives. Finding the right gifts can be time-consuming and stressful—and you still might not end up getting something they really want.   How can you know what people really want? Research has shown that it comes down […]

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