How to determine if flexible scheduling is right for your company

Is Flexible Scheduling Right for Your Organization?

While most organizations have increased flexible scheduling during COVID-19 to accommodate their employees, many HR leaders are wondering if that flexibility should continue beyond quarantine. Creating a flexible workplace goes beyond establishing post-COVID work from home policies. Flexible work hours aren’t necessarily a fit for every organization. Here’s what to consider when determining if your company should try flexible scheduling. […]

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Build a Diversity and Inclusion strategy for your organization with these 4 tips

4 Tips for Building a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

It’s no secret that diversity and inclusion are serious business. A recent survey found that 69% of executives list diversity and inclusion as an important issue for their companies and that over 86% of candidates rate diversity as a key concern when choosing an employer. So why are so many organizations struggling to make an exceptional change? Plans and Strategies […]

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How to Learn from Underperforming Employees

Underperforming employees can require a lot of resources and unpleasant conversations. One study estimates that low performing employees make up between five and ten percent of your workforce. However, they consume at least 26% of their managers’ time. But it’s not all negative. Whether they’re diamonds in the rough or cautionary tales, we have a lot to learn from underperforming […]

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Everyone Wins in a Diverse Workplace

Everyone Wins in a Diverse Workforce

Diversity initiatives are not just a politically correct box to check – they are a powerful tool for organizational success. Having a diverse workforce of employees from different backgrounds with different experiences helps your team solve problems more creatively and make stronger decisions. Diversity, whether in terms of demographics or encompassing other unique experiences that inform one’s work, is a […]

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Navigating the ‘new normal’ of remote work means understanding your workforce in a new way.

3 Personality Traits for Employee Success in the ‘New Normal’ of Remote Work

For five years, Dellea and Angela have shared everything: an office, an administrative assistant, and a key function. Both women work in the Accounting division and, while both do good work and make valuable contributions, Angela always has a slight edge. She’s just a bit faster, a little more precise than Dellea. Since transitioning to remote work, however, the tables […]

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