Why You Should Use Structured Interviews to Eliminate Bias in Hiring

Why You Should Use Structured Interviews to Eliminate Hiring Bias

Many hiring managers prefer to use conversational interviews to evaluate potential new employees. Why? Without a structured interview’s rigid script, you can be yourself and encourage applicants to let their guard down. Perhaps even get to know them before making a decision. Fans of unstructured interviews point out that applicants tend to feel more at ease without the pressure of […]

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AI in HR: A Perfect Match?

Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR

Selecting your next binge-worthy Netflix drama. Tagging your mom in that Facebook-worthy family portrait. Optimizing your route to work to avoid traffic. Brushing your teeth. What do all these activities have in common? Artificial intelligence (AI). (Yes, even dental hygiene!) Surprised? Were you thinking of chess-playing computers and robot dogs? Or maybe a manipulative supercomputer? Real-life AI may not be […]

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Navigating the ‘new normal’ of remote work means understanding your workforce in a new way.

3 Personality Traits for Employee Success in the ‘New Normal’ of Remote Work

For five years, Dellea and Angela have shared everything: an office, an administrative assistant, and a key function. Both women work in the Accounting division and, while both do good work and make valuable contributions, Angela always has a slight edge. She’s just a bit faster, a little more precise than Dellea. Since transitioning to remote work, however, the tables […]

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You've pivoted to virtual job fairs and video interviews to ensure access to a steady pipeline of talent. The next step? Virtual onboarding.

So Nice to E-Meet You: Tips for Virtual Onboarding

Your organization pivoted to virtual job fairs and video interviews to ensure access to a steady pipeline of talent. The next step in hiring post-COVID-19? Virtual onboarding.  Whether you’re hiring extensively to meet urgent supply chain and logistics needs, seeking out technical talent to support a shift to e-commerce or looking forward to an influx of ‘new hires’ as the […]

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Cangrade’s Pre-Employment Assessments remove the reliance on resume screening.

It’s the End of Resume Screening as We Know It — And That’s Just Fine

When will the governor lift the shelter in place order? Should employees wear masks and gloves in the office? Does my business qualify for a stimulus payment? Is teleworking and the remote office our new normal? During what has become known as ‘this time of great uncertainty’, companies can count on one thing as the country inches towards re-opening: they’re […]

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