Why are manhole covers round?

Some time ago I mentioned interview questions used by Thomas Edison. It is quite safe to say that Edison company back then was what Google is now. So what does Google ask (or used to ask) their candidates in the job interview? Well, it actually seems to be well in line with Edison’s tradition. Questions like “Why are manhole covers round?” became a whole-mark of being interviewed by Google. Here is a more complete list of Google interview questions.

Now let’s ask ourselves, are those trick questions the key factor in the fact that Google gets top of the top in the talent pool? The answer is: “probably not”. So how does Google do it anyway? It seems to me that the key factor in Google’s successful recruitment policy is Google’s appeal to the top tallent, successful screening methodology and the sheer amount of interviewing time that every candidate gets. Beat that! No seriously…


  1. Avatar Mike Burtov   •  

    Great post! This is one of my all time favorite interview questions:

    “If someone wrote a biography about you, what should the title should be?”

    I was actually asked this once at an interview. not sure what it was capturing as far as assessing me .. but I’ve always remembered it.

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