Long silence broken

Actually it was not silent at all. In fact it was so packed with events, meetings and plain old work that updating the blog kept being pushed out to a better day… So, this is a better day, and here are the main news:

  • Greg in Cambridge

    We would like to welcome on board Dr. Greg Willard. Greg has extensive experience in Cognitive and Neuropsychological Research and he joins forces with the rest of our team to continue the strive to build best assessment tools on the market.

  • One of the first projects that Greg helped spearheading is our Discover Portal. Discover Portal is a mere display of possibilities of many things to come. The idea of Discover is to allow through fun tests of personality and cognitive functioning to learn more about thyself. It’s a lot of fun!
  • Finally last week we had a blast night at WebInno. For three hours we met and talked there to as many people that otherwise would take three months to meet. We are extremely grateful to everyone who stopped by and greeted us at our booth. The picture below depicts the important moment when two of our scientists and our CEO solve a critical problem in business strategy of banner positioning and fixation. We got a great team!


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  1. Avatar Mike   •  

    A long overdue welcome for Greg! We have worked together for several months now, and Dr. Willard’s contribution is absolutely amazing!

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