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How well do different hiring methods predict employee success?

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In order to be successful, a company must have a strong and strategic human resources approach. Decisions about talent recruitment and management will be critical to the achievement of business objectives and will drive ROI.

Cangrade's team of research scientists has spent years designing sophisticated, powerful, predictive analytic tools that will support you in making these critical strategic choices. All of our talent management solutions are user-friendly and fully customized to your unique needs.

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Benchmarking Job Success

To begin, we need to understand what success looks like in your company. What key business metric are you looking to achieve at your organization? Our talent management solutions are driven by predictive analytics, and our predictive analytics are calibrated on the answer to this question.

The first step in any Cangrade partnership is for us to conduct a “Benchmarking” assessment that matches your success metric to the levels of a range of personality markers, motivational aspects, and soft skills in your current employees.

Once our predictive analytics calculate the keys to success in your organization, we use them to power our suite of Strategic Talent Management products.

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Pre-employment Assessments

This predictive analytics assessment will instantly identify in which job candidates are most likely to be successful at your organization. It ranks all candidates and color codes them for quick, easy, and defensible decisions you can act on.

Using our pre-employment assessment alongside a strong structured interview process can reduce your chances of hiring the wrong person by up to 73%.

Pre-employment Assessment Scores and Dashboard Read More

Interview Guides

Interviews are most helpful in decision-making when they are highly structured and tailored to the specific role. We use predictive analytics to generate structured interview templates that are specifically tailored to the role. We also have a quick upload portal to store all notes.

Structured interview guide will increase the level of transparency, consistency, and legal defensibility in your interview process.

Pre-employment Interview Guide Questions and Follow-ups Read More

Job Placement Optimization

What if your company has multiple open positions that require different kinds of soft skills? When a candidate or current employee completes our pre-employment assessment, predictive models for a variety of positions can be computed simultaneously.

Upon assessment completion, we can immediately identify not only whether the candidate is likely to succeed, but which positions are likely to yield success.

Candidate and Employee Job Compatability and Optimization Report Read More

Job Engagement Tracker

Happy employees perform better and stay with companies longer. Our 2-minute Job Engagement Tracker (JET) allows companies to incorporate employee happiness into predictive models of success in the workplace.

Hear the voice of your employees. Track satisfaction over time, or capture realtime reactions to key organizational initiatives.

Employee Job Engagment Report Read More

Other Services

Performance Management

Some positions have clear simple metrics that can be used to monitor performance and create Statistical Success Models. For others, tracking business outcomes may be more nebulous. We provide tools and scientific insights to help you understand and track performance, and incorporate Strategic Talent Management even in positions where measuring business outcomes is challenging.


A job’s Statistical Success Model can also be used to help you create and implement employee development plans. By examining which specific skills drive success in a position and where your employees currently stand in each area, we identify the highest-ROI opportunities for employee development. Then, we partner with companies like CareerBuilder.com to provide simple and digestible online materials for training employees in each area.

Talent Analytics Consulting

Our science team is composed of experts in Human Capital, Data Science, Industrial and Social Psychology, Software Development, Marketing, and Predictive Analytics. In addition to the software offerings described above, we offer further consultative services. Our team of experts, who advise leadership at Fortune 500 companies and teach and conduct research at top institutions including Harvard University, consult on issues related to Diversity, Employee Engagement and Development, Scientific Employee Selection, and building a Strategic Talent Management Process.


1Cangrade's multivariate personality instruments predict up to 36% of the variation in job performance.
Source: Meta-analytic results from over 200,000 subjects in published literature, as well as over 40 internal validation experiments evaluating over 4,000 subjects.

2Skills Testing predicts 19% of the variation in job performance.
Source: Schmidt, F.L. & Hunter, J.E. (1998). The validity and utility of selection methods in personnel psychology: Practical and theoretical implications of 85 years of research findings. Psychological Bulletin, 124, 2, 262-274.

3Aptitude Testing predicts 9% of the variation in job performance.
Source: Bobko, P., Roth, P.L. & Potosky, D. (1999). Derivation and implications of a meta-analytic matrix incorporating cognitive ability, alternative predictors, and job performance. Personnel Psychology, 52, 561-589.

4Interviews predict 9% of the variation in job performance.
Source: Bobko, P., Roth, P.L. & Potosky, D. (1999). Derivation and implications of a meta-analytic matrix incorporating cognitive ability, alternative predictors, and job performance. Personnel Psychology, 52, 561-589.

5Reference Checks predict 7% of the variation in job performance.
Source: Hunter, J.E. & Hunter R.F. (1984). Validity and utility of alternative predictors of job performance. Psychological Bulletin, 96, 1, 72-98.

6Job Experience predicts 5% of the variation in job performance.
Source: Quinones, M.A., Ford, J.K. & Teachout, M.S. (1995). The relationship between work experience and job performance: A conceptual and meta-analytic review. Personnel Psychology, 48, 887-910.

7Emotional IQ predicts 5% of the variation in job performance.
Source: Van Rooy, D.L. & Viswesvaran, C. (2004). Emotional intelligence: A meta-analytic investigation of predictive validity and nomological net. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 65, 71-95.

8Phone Screening predicts 3% of the variation in job performance.
Source: McDaniel, M.A., Whetzel, D.L., Schmidt, F.L. & Maruer, S.D. (1994). The validity of employment interviews: A comprehensive review and meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 79, 4, 599-616.

9College GPA predicts 3% of the variation in job performance.
Source: Roth, P.L, BeVier, C.A., Switzer III, F.S. & Schippmann, J.S. (1996). Meta-analyzing the relationship between grades and job performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 81, 5, 548-556.

General Note: Where multiple meta-analytic sources were available, those utilizing the largest number of studies were used. Unless otherwise noted, numbers are adjusted for attenuation due to unreliability in the criterion but not the predictors.

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