Why Diversity Messaging Matters

Diversity can be a very valuable thing. Organizations with more diverse employees tend to be more successful. They hold greater market share. They have more customers, more sales, and higher profits.   Executives realize this. 95% believe that a more diverse workforce will make their company more innovative 84% say that problems with diversity lead to employee turnover 72% are […]

Those in HR leadership need to transform people and talent management into a workforce performance engine.

How to Drive Business Performance through Talent Optimization: The New Imperative for HR Leadership

The role of HR leadership in the modern organization is undergoing a transformation. Beyond recruiting, benefit management, and other traditional roles, executives expect HR leaders to help their company meet and exceed business goals and KPIs. The shortage of skilled workers has become the new norm across industries and disciplines. So, investment in human capital – from hiring to development […]

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Are Work Meetings Really Worth It?

Work meetings can be a controversial subject. Some people think that meetings are essential. Some people see meetings as a big waste of time. But then again, everyone can agree that communication is important. And of course, we can all agree that it’s possible to spend too much time in meetings. What does the research show? Researchers recently analyzed the […]

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Best of 2017: Most Popular Articles of the Year

2017 was a really good year. (When it comes to interesting new research, anyway.) Let’s take a look back at the most popular articles.   January: Interview Better with This Trick How can you make the best impression in an interview? The most charismatic, funny, and witty people can think fast. Eye contact tends to slow down your thought processes. […]

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Do You Believe in Destiny? Here’s How It Affects Your Career

Do you believe in destiny? Some people believe that the outcomes in their life were “meant to be.” Some people believe in “free will.” And quite a few people are somewhere in between—maybe some things are up to you, while other things were somehow predetermined.   Did you know that these beliefs can predict what happens in a person’s career? […]

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