Skill in the resume is worth two in personality?

This is one of the statements that we have grown to accept as an axiom: “good skills make good employee”.  More so, we now live in the world so complex that skills become more and more specific and narrow. We dig deep but not wide. Every skilled worker is focused on just a handful of skills. It takes years to acquire the new skills… Or is it so? Well, I’m a no expert in nuclear physics or quantum mechanics. I make living by writing computer code and creating software. Today’s software industry offers a huge variety of technologies and corresponding skills, that become ever more specialized. For example, 10 […]

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Jobs, Character Proxies, Credit Scores, and “Counterparty Risk”

To everyone waiting for part 2 of the Resume SEO post, I have to apologize…. It will be coming soon, but a different topic grabbed my fancy a few days back when a friend of mine wasn’t hired for a job because, she believes, her credit score was in the dumpster. Have you noticed that most times that you are going through the final stages of a job application, they give you a bunch of paper-work to fill-out? In that paper-work more often than not is a form authorizing your future employer to run your credit report and history? Ever […]

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What is the lightest wood?

Nothing new under the sun. It turns out that psychometric tests has been used for candidate evaluation for almost a century. Here is a very interesting example of a Test that was used by Thomas Edison to evaluate his candidates. So, “What is the lightest wood?” – no wonder Einstein failed the test… – I’m sure we will do a little better than that. Wander what Cangrade Einstein would get 😉

Resume SEO

Now that we are telling people about Cangrade, we are getting a lot of feedback and opinions.  One of the best new terms that I encountered lately and now one of my favorite is “Resume SEO”.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a concept developed to promote websites on major search engines (like Google), to optimize the website by including certain keywords and other  criteria that Google “likes” so that the site shows up higher on search results. When recruiters and employers get a large number of resumes submitted for every job opening, they are commonly using automated tools to screen […]

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start early and do it often

I continue to have offbeat discussions with friends on mine and casual encounters about how they hire people also what we are doing at Cangrade (just to remind: what we do is putting together the best of science and technology to match people and jobs). So here are the factors that people seem to consider in hiring (with no regards to the order): Skills Motivation Right personality (whatever that means) Team/culture match So the question is where do you start? Is it viable to let’s say first find everyone who seem to be the best match on just one of […]

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