Why Diversity Messaging Matters

Diversity can be a very valuable thing. Organizations with more diverse employees tend to be more successful. They hold greater market share. They have more customers, more sales, and higher profits.   Executives realize this. 95% believe that a more diverse workforce will make their company more innovative 84% say that problems with diversity lead to employee turnover 72% are […]

How to Bridge the “Generation Gap” at Work

What happens as the next generation enters the workforce? It could be a good thing. Younger workers can bring fresh perspectives, new ideas, and complimentary skillsets. Or it could be bad. Older and younger workers can have very different values and work styles, which can create conflict or undermine cooperation.   Both can happen, so the question isn’t which one […]

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4 New Developments in Protections for LGBT Workers

Laws and policies about sexual orientation are changing. It’s been in the news and all over the Internet lately. The recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage received a tremendous amount of attention, as have questions about businesses’ rights to refuse service based on religious beliefs.   What about employment law? Here are 4 new developments that you should know. […]

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5 Ways Accurate Hiring Algorithms Increase Diversity

Can a machine make better hiring decisions than a person? A recent large-scale analysis comparing expert judgments to computerized algorithms found that hiring algorithms beat the experts by a wide margin. Overall, algorithms improved accuracy in predicting job performance by more than 50%.   Perhaps even more important is the issue of fairness. Hiring algorithms are not only more accurate, […]

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How a Person’s Name Biases Our Perceptions

The satirical newspaper The Onion often derives its great sense of humor from presenting seemingly absurd scenarios that are actually grounded within very real phenomena. One of their classic articles from almost 20 years ago, ranked here as one of the top 10 stories on their 25th anniversary, focuses on the way that we perceive people based simply upon their […]

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