The Peter Principle: How to avoid promoting to incompetence

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of the ‘Peter Principle’

The manager who leaves you shaking your head after every call, wondering how ‘they’ ever gave ‘that guy’ so much responsibility. The colleague who seemed like a do-it-all superstar right up until her last promotion, but now can’t organize her own inbox. The team leader who calls endless meetings, but always seems more than a little confused about the big […]

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Learn more from our CEO as he shares his observations about the challenges in hiring developers, as well as some solutions to those issues.

Why Most Companies Get Hiring Developers Wrong

In my software development career, I’ve been hired and I have hired. Now, in my job of running a Talent Assessment company, I’ve been observing our customers dealing with the precarious nature of software developer hiring. As a result, I want to share my observations about the challenges in hiring developers as well as some solutions. 1. Talent Shortage? In […]

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Navigating the ‘new normal’ of remote work means understanding your workforce in a new way.

3 Personality Traits for Employee Success in the ‘New Normal’ of Remote Work

For five years, Dellea and Angela have shared everything: an office, an administrative assistant, and a key function. Both women work in the Accounting division and, while both do good work and make valuable contributions, Angela always has a slight edge. She’s just a bit faster, a little more precise than Dellea. Since transitioning to remote work, however, the tables […]

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Cangrade’s Pre-Employment Assessments remove the reliance on resume screening.

It’s the End of Resume Screening as We Know It — And That’s Just Fine

When will the governor lift the shelter in place order? Should employees wear masks and gloves in the office? Does my business qualify for a stimulus payment? Is teleworking and the remote office our new normal? During what has become known as ‘this time of great uncertainty’, companies can count on one thing as the country inches towards re-opening: they’re […]

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It’s comforting to know that tools exist to overcome remote hiring challenges during the coronavirus outbreak.

How to Use Technology for Efficient and Effective Remote Hiring

“The show must go on,” said Freddie Mercury.  And while he was referring to triumph over heartbreak rather than a novel coronavirus, the words still resonate.  Despite the economic challenges presented by COVID-19, businesses will continue to face staffing and recruitment needs, which means remote hiring will take the lead in this new environment.   But with public health authorities […]

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