Those in HR leadership need to transform people and talent management into a workforce performance engine.

How to Drive Business Performance through Talent Optimization: The New Imperative for HR Leadership

The role of HR leadership in the modern organization is undergoing a transformation. Beyond recruiting, benefit management, and other traditional roles, executives expect HR leaders to help their company meet and exceed business goals and KPIs. The shortage of skilled workers has become the new norm across industries and disciplines. So, investment in human capital – from hiring to development […]

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Cangrade’s soft skills assessments can help your team root your candidate selection process in data.

How to Find Your Purple Squirrel: Putting Soft Skills Assessments to Work

If you’re a talent acquisition professional, you know finding candidates isn’t the tough part. The struggle comes when trying to find the right candidate. Job descriptions usually come with a laundry list of skills-related qualifications attached.  Why is this an issue? Well, it’s recruiters and HR managers then that face the so-called “purple squirrel” problem. The term “purple squirrel” describes the perfect […]

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Unconscious bias can lead us to sabotage a person’s interview, in a phenomenon psychologists call “the self-fulfilling prophecy”.

How to Mitigate Unconscious Bias in Recruitment – Where Interviews Go Wrong

Why aren’t more women in the boardrooms of major corporations? Why don’t more African-Americans work in the burgeoning tech industries? When asked, companies often claim a lack of qualified candidates. However, many of these companies might consider the lesson that orchestras across the nation learned in decades past – unconscious bias may play a role.  Prior to the 1970s, 95% […]

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Research has found no link between the MBTI and workplace performance or job fit. Learn why to ditch it in your talent management strategy.

4 Reasons to Ditch the MBTI in Talent Management

There are many aspects of human behavior that puzzle psychologists. One such aspect is how the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) remains so widely used in the talent management space. Decades of psychological research show that it is a poorly designed instrument that shows no particular ability to identify the right candidate for any job.  The History of the MBTI The […]

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We share the five most notable "sales-y" traits, and some of the reasons why they don’t always point to a slam dunk when hiring for sales.

Five Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring for Sales Talent

Ask a veteran sales executive how to find a successful candidate when hiring for sales, and they’ll often say: “you know one when you see them.” However, when it comes to what personality traits predict a successful sales hire, the reality is a bit more complicated.  We crunched the numbers on REAL client data, and as it turns out, some […]

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