How Extraverts Can Ruin Teamwork

Extraversion is a preference for social situations and social interactions.

You might assume that people with more of this personality trait are better at teamwork.

But that assumption would be incorrect.


Extraversion sometimes does in fact provide real advantages when it comes to teamwork.

But it is often a disadvantage.


Researchers have recently discovered more about how and why. Keep reading to find out.




The extraversion advantage

Why are extraverted people sometimes great for teamwork?

They bring “energy.”


Extraverts can feel very energized in social situations (including teamwork).


Under the right circumstances, extraverts make their teammates feel more energized.

Teammates then see them as more proactive and value their contributions.


But this only happens when teams are well-coordinated.





The extraversion disadvantage

When teams aren’t well-coordinated, “energy” doesn’t help.

Teams with conflicts and disagreements don’t allow for the same energizing relationships.


Extraverts can’t establish the same social connections they would have in a well-coordinated team.

Teammates don’t see them as proactive—and no one values their contributions.








Image credits: Donnie Ray Jones, Tambako The Jaguar, Ian Muttoo, toffeehoff

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